FluorIT can assist and support clients with a wide range of services designed to meet customer’s needs. Our mission is to deliver innovative solutions to turn any problem into a creative challenge.


FluorIT delivers high-quality custom synthesis to produce high-purity organic molecules in milligrams  to several grams quantities.

Our experienced team possess high-level technical expertise in organic and fluororganic chemical synthesis, enabling us to offer an effective and innovative service.


FluorIT offers formulation services and can support you with products designed to meet particular processing conditions.

Our specialists are skilled in the development of solutions, suspensions, and freeze-dried preparations to help optimize product quality throughout manufacturing.


Thanks to our high level of expertise in organic and fluoroorganic synthesis we can offer an efficient chemical process improvement service.

Our team can help in the implementation of optimal processes for scaling up from milligrams to hundreds of grams, without losing sight safety and environmental issues and material availability


We have extensive experience in analyzing a wide range of materials, and our laboratories are equipped with state of-the-art instruments that enable our experts to perform chemical analysis for a wide range of purposes from substance identification and characterization to quality control monitoring and a wide range of other capabilities tailored to meet customer needs.


FluorIT can offer customized analysis and quality control services for the entire supply chain of craft brewery. Our talented team can assist in all the phases of brewing process, supporting brewers to develop new recipes and to reach great taste and high-quality beers.


FluorIT can assist and support clients in promoting and developing their business and achieving their goals in all phases of product development.

Our experienced and talented staff provide consultancy in the following areas:

  • Synthetic methodology
  • Process improvement
  • Problem solving and trouble shooting
  • Advice on development and scale up
  • Patents